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Monitor California ISO power grid conditions, prices and renewable production, receive alerts and track calendar events with this free application. ISO Today makes our top web features available at a touch.

• Track day-ahead wholesale energy market with interactive price map
• New! Watch net demand, or the variability in demand and supply, which the ISO must balance to keep the grid stable
• Monitor current power supply and demand, plus follow renewable energy production
• View map of solar and wind generation and weather conditions
• Improved! Receive Flex Alerts, grid alerts or both and know immediately when conservation is needed
• Improved! Add ISO meetings and events to your calendar and automatically receive updates

About the California ISO
As the nonprofit public-benefit company ensuring reliability for most of California’s high-voltage power grid, the California Independent System Operator Corporation (ISO) is helping advance a smarter, cleaner, and more reliable energy future. The ISO operates the West’s only competitive energy market that balances supply with demand and has a key role in achieving clean energy goals.



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